Title: How Far We've Come

Artist: Homestuck

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So I was playing with my homestuck sims, and Dave went to prom with jade and this happened.


Captions of episode 16, “Déjà Vu”


5th October, 1969: Monty Python’s Flying Circus makes its debut on television.

So, happy Monty Python day, guys!



i lost my glasses today

i cant see how this could have happened


where is this


i hate bugs that fly, jump, crawl, dougie, twerk, 2 step, all that shit


A   C O N T I N U A T I O N   O F   T H I S

NOTE: Because of many people’s similar reaction to my previous post, I feel the need to clarify that this series isn’t intended to have a Hans-apologist kind of vibe. My purpose here is not to excuse his behaviour in the film or to get people to pity him. I just wanted to add a little bit of ‘depth’ where it was suggested there were stories behind his actions. I’m basically trying to figure out a possible background and progression that could explain why and how he was shaped into a villain, if we accept some villains are made rather than born. But I get some people want this character to be evil for the sake of being evil, and that is completely fine! So please don’t get too upset over these, keep in mind this is just my take on a hypothetic past, loosely based on hints from the movie and what Frozen directors have revealed so far.

Inspiration from rennydraws for the 8th panel and donc-desole for the last one.



wow i cant draw
*keeps drawing*


proper fucking attitude.


Today we’re going to go on a class trip! *hands out acid*